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Who are we?

Our vision and values while developing FRENDS.

Hi there!

We are FRENDS the best one-stop-shop integration platform on the .NET stack. Our vision has always been to develop an integration platform that developers love working with, architects leverage for new challenges and that fulfills all the businesses needs.

A problem that we see with most other integration platforms is the fact that either they require the developers to build huge processes and toolkits around them, such as continuous delivery and automated testing, to work efficiently or then they are not extensible enough leaving the developers slamming their heads on the keyboard.

This is why with FRENDS we want to enable the developers to have all the best tools and processes be pre-built and managed by FRENDS while they can then focus on creating new digital channels with the way they see fit, be it using plug-&-play connectors or coding pure C#.

This more governance based approach is the most distinguishing feature of FRENDS and something that we are really proud of, because with FRENDS you will always be future proof and your developers can always leverage the latest and the greatest technologies in their work.


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304 Eagles Ct.
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Finland - Headquarters

Tekniikantie 14
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Norra Vallgatan 102
Malmö 21122

Our history

25 years of experience utilized for the next 25 years.

We have been around for over 25 years now as the first version of FRENDS was launched in 1989 to automate the communication between gas stations and the parent companys centralized IT.

From those days very little remains except our name "FRENDS" which comes from our earliest days in the form of an acronym: "FRont End Dialling System", as FRENDS was literally sitting in front of IBM mainframes dialling modems to connect to various remote locations or devices. Some might interpret this as FRENDS actually being an IoT platform by heart.

Over the years our core values outlined above have never changed even though people working on FRENDS did and as the years roll on we are committed in still delivering the best integration platform possible in our oppinion.

Nowadays our drive to embrace the future with robotics, machine learning and API based systems has never been stronger and we are always on the upswing when it comes to new technology breakthroughs.

Looking back the last 25 years we can only say that we are definately looking for the next 25 to come.

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