Who we are and where do we come from?

We have been around for over 30 years now as the first version of FRENDS was launched in 1988 to automate the communication between gas stations and the parent companys centralized IT.

From those days very little remains except our name "FRENDS" which comes from our earliest days in the form of an acronym: "FRont End Dialling System", as FRENDS was literally sitting in front of IBM mainframes dialling modems to connect to various remote locations or devices. Some might interpret this as FRENDS actually being an IoT platform by heart.

Over the years our core values outlined above have never changed even though people working on FRENDS did and as the years roll on we are committed in still delivering the best integration platform possible in our oppinion.

Nowadays our drive to embrace the future with robotics, machine learning and API based systems has never been stronger and we are always on the upswing when it comes to new technology breakthroughs.

Looking back the last 30 years we can only say that we are definately looking for the next 30 to come.

Year 1989

FRENDS was born.

In 1988, unmanned petrol stations – forecourts with pay-at-pump machines and no store – were becoming common in Finland. They were convenient, since the customer handled the transaction completely. However, every time the price of petrol changed, someone had to visit each station to update the price information. Our engineers created FRENDS to replace this laborious process for the gas companies.


In 1992, FRENDS was futher developped and refined to form the first version of the actual integration platform as a packaged software solution with heavy emphasis on managing POS-systems and the flow of information between them. This first version of FRENDS was the first commercially available "integration platform solution" of FRENDS.

Year 1992
Year 1998


In 1998 FRENDS was built again from the ground up as technology and customers requirements evolved. This time FRENDS contained the first proper visual orchestration funtionalities to automate customer's business processes from an end-to-end perspective. The third generation of FRENDS also included many features you would expect of a more modern integration platform such as functionality to support real time messaging interfaces and for example a mobile application interface using WAP.

FRENDS Iron 3.0

In the year 2007 FRENDS was yet again redesigned as a more modern integration platform, this time adopting the Microsoft BizTalk technology to act as the integration runtime component within FRENDS. FRENDS was orchestrating BizTalk executions, while providing support for features that BizTalk was lacking in such as end-to-end monitoring and for example file transfer scenarios.

Year 2007
Year 2015


Fast forward to 2015, where FRENDS was completely redesigned as an eiPaaS with focus on the distributed multi-CSI architecture. This meant dropping Microsoft BizTalk as the main integration runtime component and switching over to a proprietary integration runtime consisting of compiled integration processes with .NET Core and managed NuGet packages.

Team and Ownership


FRENDS is built by a core team of 15 dedicated members and a supporting organization of over 200 people.


FRENDS is owned by HiQ International, a publicly traded company in the Nasdaq Nordic exchange.

For futher inquiries:

Jukka Rautio, Managing Director, HiQ Finland Oy


+358 40 827 1142

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