FRENDS API Management Features

Design, create, publish and manage API's using FRENDS API Management features. FRENDS excels in creating composite API's to connect your existing systems and services to the outside world in a well governed manner.

Frends and open APIs

Design API's

Define your API

Start your API development by defining or importing your API using the industry standard Swagger 3.0 and OpenAPI specification.

Develop API Operations

Create an API implementation for each API operation with a kickstarted integration template generated based on your Swagger specification.

Publish API's

Version & Publish API Collections

Use the FRENDS internal API operation and Swagger version control to publish API releases to any environment.

Developer Portal

Give access to 3rd party API consumers to your deployed API's through the Swagger 3.0 specification based interactive developer portal.

Secure API's

API Access Rules

Create fine grained API access control rules to control API access management and authorization.

API Users

Manage API Users and their access to API's as well as set throttling limits and other limiting factors.

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