New partnership between Frends and Lighthouse Integration

Frends is pleased to announce a new partnership with Lighthouse Integration.

Olga Rosenbohm


Olga Rosenbohm

Lighthouse Integration, founded in 2019 by Dagmar Schneider, specializes in the holistic support of marketing digitization projects. From analysis to solution design to implementation, they accompany their customers and have already successfully completed several large software implementations.

As an expert in digital marketing, Lighthouse Integration offers comprehensive solutions in the areas of PIM, DAM and CMS. With the addition of Frends to their product portfolio, they will now also be able to efficiently implement complex integration projects in the digital marketing environment.

Goals and strategic advantages of the partnership:

  1. modern interface development: by working with Frends, Lighthouse Integration will be able to offer innovative solutions and implement integration projects faster and more effectively.

  2. expansion of the product portfolio: Frends Technology will play a central role in Lighthouse Integration's integration projects and expand the range of high-quality integration solutions.

  3. solutions for integration challenges: The industry faces many integration challenges, especially in the PIM space, which thrives on data from disparate systems. The partnership will address these challenges and provide customized solutions.

Customer benefits:

Standardization of the system landscape: Customers benefit from a more homogeneous and efficient system landscape.

  • Accelerated integration: The collaboration will enable integrations to be developed faster and more reliably.

  • Transparent processes: Digital processes can be illustrated to customers in BPMN notation, making them easier to understand.

Dagmar Schneider, founder of Lighthouse Integration, commented on the partnership: "Frends is an innovative and trustworthy partner that significantly supports and enriches our integration projects. Together we can offer our customers even better solutions."