Nurminen Logistics - Transitioning from a BizTalk server documentation to the FRENDS hyperautomation platform

Nurminen Logistics chose HiQ Finland Oy as its support partner for existing BizTalk integrations and to deliver new integrations and automation through the FRENDS hyperautomation platform.

Nurminen Logistics - Transitioning from a BizTalk server documentation to the FRENDS hyperautomation platform

Continuing the partnerhip with HiQ Finland to support existing BizTalk integrations, Nurminen Logistics has also chosen FRENDS platfrom for automation and integration projects in the future.

Towards the hyperautomation platform of the future

Nurminen Logistics' CIO, Petri Luurila, views the FRENDS integration platform developed by HiQ in Finland as the enabler of digitalization and hyperautomation for Nurminen. In the future, new integrations will be built by HiQ on the FRENDS platform, as has also been done in several other customers’ projects. The decision to go with HiQ was backed by the fact that in addition to a modern integration platform, HiQ also offers the entire integration lifecycle solution, developed and managed from a single place.

We are constantly developing our digital services, and our goal is to increase the use of automation both in carrying on our customer and in internal operations. HiQ's total service meets our needs - the idea of combining RPA and integration is functional and efficient, says Petri Luurila, CIO, Nurminen Logistics.

FRENDS can be used to implement new process automation and application integration solutions quickly and efficiently. FRENDS enables the integration of background systems of different ages and technologically diverse scope, extending the lifecycle of old systems by years. FRENDS API platform includes API management capabilities.

HiQ invests in the full delivery of integrations, offering a complete deployment and maintenance services in addition to the FRENDS product. We are proud that Nurminen Logistics chose HiQ as its integration partner and developer of modern automations, says Jukka Rautio, Managing Director of HiQ Finland.

About Nurminen Logistics:

Nurminen Logistics is a listed company established in 1886 that offers logistics services. The company provides high-quality forwarding, cargo handling and value added services as well as railway transports and related to it project transport services to its customers. The main market areas of Nurminen Logistics are Finland, Russia and its neighbouring countries.

About FRENDS by HiQ:

FRENDS eiPaaS by HiQ is one of the leading .NET solutions that helps enterprises to enter the era of digital transformation. With us you can develop, manage and secure all your API integrations within one simple platform. Lean, low-code, and intuitive.

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