Viestilehdet Oy Selects the FRENDS Integration Platform

Asmo wrote in August about API economy and what kind of business opportunities it brings to organizations. This time we take a deeper dive into the technology behind the business and have a look what happens under the hood when a customer discovers and utilizes a provided service or data. And what does it mean from integration point of view?

Naturally, there is no use publishing services if nobody knows about them. Nowadays people are quite lazy to look for information, so search engine optimization is important for service providers. In addition to the actual service catalog, the service provider must have a search engine optimized page where the services offered are described.

The purpose of the advertising page is to get users to the services – i.e. customers. In addition to browsing the service offering, one can on-board for services on the advertising page, for example, by creating a user id. Registered users are allowed access to the API Library.

Asmo Urpilainen

By Asmo Urpilainen
January 26th, 2018

"We chose the FRENDS integration platform to support and speed up the reform of our IT systems. We examined the solution alternatives available on the market together with Melkki IT. The result was that HiQ’s integration platform was the one best suited for our needs. Now, we can use systems of different generations and replace them flexibly as our project progresses. We are especially happy with the interfaces provided by the FRENDS integration platform as we can also create them ourselves.”Kimmo Kallionalusta, CIO at Viestilehdet Oy

In the first phase, Viestilehdet will collect its customer data in a centralised database using the FRENDS integration platform. This means the data can be analysed and the analytics utilised in content and media sales. It also decreases the amount of manual labour in invoicing as invoices are automatically sent to financial administration.

Viestilehdet is extensively reforming its enterprise architecture, and the FRENDS integration platform plays a significant role in the reform. FRENDS connects both old and new background systems and their data flows and ensures that the data is always consistent. From now on, error control will also be in one place, making it faster to locate errors and find their root causes.

“Viestilehdet is a great example of a customer that we can help significantly to simplify a large-scale system reform by introducing the capabilities of the FRENDS integration platform as part of the project,” says , at HiQ. “In the first phase of the project, orders and edited user information in the purchase channel will be automatically transferred to the background systems.”Antti Toivanen, Business Area Director, Integrations

Further information

Viestilehdet Oy is the leading producer of content related to farming in Finland. The key products of our publishing house include the Maaseudun Tulevaisuus newspaper and Koneviesti and Aarre magazines. The turnover of this solid company was approximately EUR 29 million in 2016. Viestilehdet employs around one hundred communications professionals.

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