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We have partnership models for whitelabelled OEM solutions as well as simple SI distributor models. Contact us at for more information about partnerships.


Check out our FRENDS adapters at Github. They are open source so feel free to share and fork.


The public github repository of the FRENDS Task for Web and HTTP related adapters. The tasks currently support REST API calls with various authentication methods as well as XML and plain requests over HTTP(S).


FRENDS SQL Tasks which support querying data from an SQL Database, Executing TSQL Commands, Executing SQL Stored Procedures, Executing SQL Jobs and Inserting and Updating data with either transactions or bulk operations.


FRENDS Tasks to process CSV and fixed width files into more common formats such as JSON or XML as well as creating CSV and fixed-width files from JSON and XML inputs.


FRENDS Tasks to preform various operations on file system directories such as: Reading, Creating, Copying, Deleting, Moving etc. on Windows based file systems.


FRENDS JSON Processing tasks, which allow you to do JSONPath queries, JSON Handlebars transformations, JSON Validation against a JSONSchema and converting various data formats to JSON.


FRENDS XML processing tasks, which allow you to do XPath Queries with XPath V1.0 and V2.0, XSLT Transformations using XSLT 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 and XML Validations against an XML Schema.


FRENDS Tasks to preform various file system based operations such as: Reading, Writing, Copying, Deleting, Moving etc. on Windows based file systems.


FRENDS Service Bus tasks, which allow sending, recieving and subscribing to messages from Azure Service Bus queues.


FRENDS Cobalt is a FRENDS Task library built for transfer of files. It can read files from and deliver files to file system, FTP, FTPS, SFTP servers and the Service Bus. It can also perform transformations on the files during transfer.


FRENDS Radon is a FRENDS task which scans the Windows eventlog and send email alerts based on the found events


Custom decorator attributes for FRENDS task parameters. Allows you to have e.g. conditional fields or tabbed inputs


FRENDS file split tasks, to facilitate processing of large files (larger than 2 GB).


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