Low-Code Integration Flow Development

Find out how integration flow development is done using FRENDS, from simple low-code configuration to participating in the developer community using by creating your own configurable tasks.

Design Integrations

Develop Integrations Visually

Use the BPMN standard to develop and design your integration visually.

Documentation Combined With Development

FRENDS integration flows support rich documentation features directly in the development IDE.

Develop Integrations Visually

BPMN standard ensures everything is compatible with everything else to enable you to literally create copy-paste-integrations.

Documentation Combined With Development

Create miniservices to isolate systems and data from the logic layer of integration development.

Configure Integrations

Configure, Don't Code

Use a wide library of readymade FRENDS community developped C# tasks to implement integrations with configuration instead of coding.

Create and Map Messages Directly

Simply create your desired message into the configuration directly with #result references.

Easy and Effortless Extensions & Customizations

Use .NET C# directly to customize your configuration or create your own tasks using Visual Studio. Easy extensions ensure you will never come across a problem you cannot solve.

FRENDS Tasks - Connectors

Use Readymade FRENDS Tasks

Start creating your integrations by using a library of open source readymade FRENDS tasks.

Manage and Update Tasks

Manage your existing FRENDS tasks and search the community library for more. Update your tasks on the fly with full control.

Create Your Own Tasks

Use pure .NET C# to create your own tasks and use whatever libraries or methods you would like, they are all supported. Only .NET nothing FRENDS specific.

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