FRENDS integration and API governance is among the best in the world

FRENDS puts heavy emphasis on governance by enabling you to always stay on top of your integrations utilizing governance features to manage versions, users, relases, settings and more from a centralized integration catalogue.

Version Control

Built In Version Control

FRENDS has built in version control, which ensures you don't have to worry about versioning and instead can focus on solving problems.


One Click Deployments

Use the internal version control of FRENDS to deploy newer versions of integrations to any environment with a single click.


Rollback Management

Roll back or switch the version of any integrations already deployed with a single click.

Manage User Accounts

Built In Version Control

Create, import and manage your users in FRENDS and assign your custom built roles to the users.

Custom User Roles

Create Role Based Views

Create your own user roles by using the fine grained user access control and selecting which view and which action each role has access to.

SSO Enabled

Custom Identity Provider

Use your organizations selected identity provider to authenticate with FRENDS using OpenId support to create a seamless SSO experience.


View and Search

View and search your integration catalogue across all environments and get critical information about your integrations such as are they active, execution statistics, version numbers and more.


Customize Your Catalogue

Customize your integration catalogue view to display the information you are interested in.


Manage Integration Settings

You can activate, deactivate, copy, delete, tag and export/import your integrations using the integration catalogue.

Create Variables

Create Centralized Variables

Store your integrations sensitive information such as usernames and passwords in secure centralized variables in order to manage them more easily and update them across all integrations.

Manage Variables

Manage Centralized Variables for All Environments

Manage your centralized variables and give them different values for different environments such as Test vs. Production.

Access Variables

Using Centralized Variables

Access your defined centralized variables in integration solutions instead of hard-coding the values in.

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