Step-by-step guides on how to develop, manage and operate various functionalities in FRENDS.

Use Azure AD access tokens to authorize access to FRENDS APIs

How to authorize API calls with Azure AD tokens

Creating and Using Environment Variables

How to create and use Environment Variables

Mounting a file share

How to setup the Agent to mount a file share

Creating FRENDS Tasks

How to create a custom FRENDS Task.

Creating a Scheduled FTP Transfer

How to create a Scheduled FTP Transfer integration process.

Creating Monitoring Rules

How to create FRENDS Monitoring Rules.

Configuring User Roles

How to create and mange FRENDS User Roles.

Importing and Updating FRENDS Tasks

How to Import and Update FRENDS Tasks.

Deploying Processes

How to deploy a Process to a Agent Group.

Searching Process Executions

How to search and view Process execution details.

Installing an Agent

How to install an on-premise or public cloud FRENDS Agent.

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