FRENDS and Legacy Modernization

FRENDS is excellent when used in Legacy Modernization scenarios. The way FRENDS Legacy Modernization approach works is to encapsulate the legacy applications data, functions and generated value behind Miniservices that can then be exposed as API's.

Gartner predicts that every dollar invested in digital business innovation through to the end of 2020 will require enterprises to spend at least three times that to continuously modernize the legacy application portfolio.

Spending this money wisely to modernize legacy systems and applications is crucial to the success of an organizations digital transformation strategy.

Example Legacy Modernization Scenario of a Taxi Company

In the above example legacy applications hosted on the customers own on-premise datacenter are modernized with FRENDS and those API's are then published in the cloud using FRENDS API Management features. This approach modernizes the legacy systems enabling new digital solutions and implements a hybrid integration platform strategy for the customer.

The exposed API's then serve various constituents of the customer, such as:

  • The taxi driver through his PDA
  • The end-customer through a mobile app
  • Other B2B companies for recieving new incoming taxi orders

Example of the Exposed Modernized API's

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