Visma AI Works Oy


Visma AI Works aims to improve all the customer processes with intelligent automation, comprehensive contact center tools and a 360 degree CX solution. Visma AI Works is a part of Visma Consulting. Visma Consulting is a service company focusing on IT consulting and software solutions. The company's special areas of expertise are service design, digital services, customized IT solutions and information management. The company had a turnover of 55 million EUR in 2019 and has multiple office locations around Finland.

Time for powerful interactions

Established 2003

40+ employees

Part of Visma Consulting

Service Offering

Visma AI Works focuses on delivering the Visma Flow suite that combines a contact center, process automation, AI and machine learning with natural language understanding capabilities and customer feedback as one single environment that works out of the box. With Visma Flow you get fully integrated modules that work together seamlessly from the get-go and easily scale up with your needs

Visma Flow is a combination of Lotta Hyperautomation, Visma CC Suite and CX 360 that forms a comprehensive portfolio of technologies, services and methods that improves and automates works processes so that company employees can focus on meaningful customer interactions.


Tomi Korpaeus, COO at Visma AI Works