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With an iPaaS, SaaS can invest in the right resources and focus on what matters most – scaling up the core business, developing the product, ensuring customer satisfaction, and adapting to customer needs.

There is no need to build any separate back-end infrastructure and interfaces. Accelerate development and deployment across cloud, on-premise, and hybrid.

6 Reasons Why Frends iPaaS for SaaS

Gains through efficiency

Agile integration platform

  • Low-code + No-code
  • Made for BizDevOps teams

Save engeneering time

  • Focus on your main product functionality
  • Save time and money on internal development
  • Replace manual work with automation and scheduled tasks, such as monitoring & API management

Improve onboarding and cashflow

  • Faster onboard new customers
  • Speed up implementations and start invoicing without having to wait for 3rd party integrators
  • Activate faster MRR

True GDPR and Cloud Compliance

Visibility and control

  • Get 360° visbility for better customer service
  • Get the most of smooth trouble-shooting with a fully transparent audit trail


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