Find out how we embrace the shift towards dev-ops and more.


Features of the FRENDS platform to make your developers, architects, operations & CDO happy.


FRENDS scales both vertically and horizontally. You can use FRENDS to run everything from simple file transfers to enterprise-grade commerce handling.


Work without fear - FRENDS version control and enviornment control let you roll back your production to a previous state in an instant.

Stream Analytics

Always stay on top of your integration flows thanks to built in monitoring of business data, metadata, errors and more.

Copy-Paste Development

FRENDS visual integration flow developer ensures that all and everything is compatible with any integration flow, this means that you can literally create integrations by copy and pasting.

Extending FRENDS

Create your own FRENDS tasks using native .NET C#. No additional third party components or complicated frameworks needed. FRENDS ships with a set of open-source tasks to accomplish the most common integration scenarios.

Intelligent Agents

Your integration flows run in smart services called FRENDS Agents, which monitor the integration flow and system stacks plus enable on-the-fly updates without downtime.


Develop and monitor your integration flows using an intuitive BPMN based integration flow developer, which also acts as a collaboration and documentation platform.

FRENDS Runtime

The integration flows of FRENDS are pre-compiled code to ensure zero-latency processing and the versioning of each integration flow.

True Hybrid Architecture

Reliably connect your on-premise systems and services to their cloud counterparts, all the while choosing which component to host from what location.

DevOps First

FRENDS fully supports a DevOps model with automated version control, enviornmental variables and one-clic-deployments.


Enterprises need predictability and security. This is how we provide that.

Isolated Enviornments

Each FRENDS customer has an isolated Virtual Private Network to ensure privacy, preformance and reliability.

Data Control

Choose the level of data persisted at field level for each enviornment and set variable retention times for data. We ensure that you are compliant with any data protection policies you have.

Ready for SSO

Use Active Directory or Office 365 as your Identity Provided to manage user access and authorization.

Enterprise Support

FRENDS offers a high-level SLA of 99.95% in the cloud to serve the needs of even the most demanding organizations and various professional services such as architecture, on-boarding and project management.

All Within the EU

All of FRENDS iPaaS is hosted within EU in Microsoft Azure Datacenters located in Ireland and the Netherlands.



To reduce bottlenecks, improve quality and time-to-market.

Continuous Delivery

Produce software and especially integration in short cycles and have the ability to release software into production at any time.


Developers and operations work closely together and focus on automating as much as possible of the software's lifecycle, such as deployments and testing.


Independent smaller functions that focus fulfilling smaller tasks facilitating a modular approach to building applications and integrations.


As a FRENDS developer you will use the visual IDE of FRENDS to build integration flows by first creating the visual representation of the integration flow or "process" and then configure each step to preform the needed functionality.

Integration Processes

When first designing the integration flow you will use a familiar drag-and-drop style process designer to model what the functionality of the integration flow is. The process designer is compatible with the BPMN 2.0 standard and thus allows you to use any tool to import and export the visual process into FRENDS.


Each of these configurable steps is called a FRENDS task and you have two options when configuring them:

  • Choose one from a set of our plug-and-play tasks
  • Create a new one using .NET C# and our microservice functionality


As a FRENDS operator you will monitor integration flows, find problematic parts in integration flows, manage metadata and search for specific executions.


All integrations built with FRENDS follow the same visual execution logic, which means that once you're familiar with the basic concepts you can easily operate everything from API:s to long running batch jobs.

All integration flows have also built in documentation and version control tools, which means that you shouldn't need any extra tools/resources to manage the integrations within FRENDS.


FRENDS automatically logs all relevant integration flow data and allows you to search for example all integration flows that have processed a customer with an account ID 12345. In addition to this you can also set up customized monitoring dashboards and rules to keep track of the data that is important to you.