Reference: Helen

Helen has built hundreds of integrations with the FRENDS eiPaaS while enabling rapid development of new services ranging from API's to process automation needs.

Customer Quote

FRENDS enables the integration of older and newer back-office software implemented using different technologies.

-Aki Salminen, Integration Manager, Helen

Integration Patterns

  • Process Automation
  • Open API's
  • IOT -device connectivity
  • Integration Platform used everywhere


  • 32 000 000 integration process executions per month
  • Over 1 000 integration processes in use

IT Landscape

  • 3 separate ground environments
  • Various cloud SaaS -applications
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Business Goals

Helen has been awarded the title the world’s most efficient provider of urban energy, and it serves over 400,000 customers throughout Finland. Helen is constantly rolling out new services such as solar power solutions. Interest in electric charging solutions for transport has increased in all of Helen’s customer sectors, and Helen takes on a strong role in developing new electric transport services and operating models.

The goal was to update the integration implementation model in such a way that a single integration solution would be enough for the flexible implementation of business operations’ development needs and the gradual replacement of back-office software. Additionally, the integration of services implemented using the SaaS model required new kinds of solutions. During the renewal, particular emphasis was placed on the centralised management and monitoring of data streams.

Integration Challenges

These growth objectives set high demands for Helen’s back-office software. Helen has a long history of system integration. Over the years, various different applications have been implemented, but as operational needs have become more complex and production volumes increased, the features of the existing integration solutions have no longer fully met Helen’s needs.

Additionally as remotely operated electricity meters became increasingly common in the 2010s, the processing of large data masses had to be seamless on the new integration platform. On the other hand, one of the requirements was to create a platform for developing modern processes and for publishing APIs.


With the FRENDS iPaaS, Helen is able to implement new process automation and application integration solutions faster and more efficiently. FRENDS also enables the integration of older and newer back-office software implemented using different technologies. Process automation has become simpler, and even the integration of older back-office software systems can be implemented for third parties using modern methods. With FRENDS, Helen is also able to use APIs comprehensively and efficiently.

Helen has already implemented thousands of integrations using the FRENDS integration platform. With the FRENDS integration platform, routine tasks such as customer service operations have been extensively automated.

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