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HiQ is behind Finnish taxi company Lähitaksi’s new digital service aimed at improving the customer experience and making it easier and more convenient to order and pay for a taxi.

Customer Quote

I am very happy of the fact that Lähitaksi chose HiQ as their partner in digitalization. It is most interesting to be involved in creating the future of taxi services. And that work has just started.

-Jukka Rautio, Managing Director, HiQ Finland

Integration Patterns

  • Open API's
  • Process automation
  • Legacy System Modernization


  • 2 500 000 API calls per month
  • 65 published Open API’s

IT Landscape

  • Hybrid environment
  • Ground ERP systems
  • Cloud CRM and Mobile Payments solutions
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Business Goals

When Finnish taxi legislation changed, Lähitaksi needed to improve their digital services to match the offering from competition. The solution needed to be quick to develop and modern without requiring huge investments on the background infrastructure.

Unlike many other actors, Taksini service area covers 24 municipalities in Finland, including the whole metropolitan area. The services support and connect Lähitaksi’s vast range of 2 000 cars including everything from classy sedans to more spacious options.

Integration Challenges

The goals set by Lähitaksi to offer a better service than competitors was initially hampered by old legacy systems used to manage the taxi fleet and taxi ordering processes. These legacy systems were simply not able to accommodate the changing needs of business.

Additionally Lähitaksi did not previously have mobile payment or CRM analytics capabilities on it's digital platform.


The frontend applications and the backend systems are flexibly interconnected with the FRENDS iPaaS. This enables modern application development on top of not-so-modern backend systems extending their lifespan.

Reusable APIs enable future development also beyond the Taksini app, should it be the taxi center, driver, hotel or some more innovative implementation. This means improved competitiveness and envisions innovative future business possibilities.

Also see the success story from a mobile application perspective on the HiQ site:

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