Reference: Teboil

FRENDS integration platform manages the data flows of over 340 point-of-sales systems and provides over 10 years of extended legacy system lifecycle.

Customer Quote

We are pleased with the reliability, security and speed of the FRENDS iPaaS. With FRENDS, we are able to extend the lifetime of our legacy systems by up to ten years, as we can use legacy systems and new systems side by side.

-Tuukka Vepsäläinen, CIO, Teboil

Integration Patterns

  • POS Systems
  • Low latency services
  • File Transfers
  • Legacy System Modernization


  • 340 POS integrated
  • 6 800 000 integration flow executions per month

IT Landscape

  • Ground environment
  • Legacy ERP
  • Distributed networks used with POS
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Business Goals

Teboil has been marketing petroleum products and LPG in Finland for 84 years. As a large retail company, Teboil needs fast, reliable and accurate data transfer, for example in processing sales transactions, point of sale parameters and other important data.

As the petroleum market is a highly competitive segment, Teboil needs it's business critical dataflows such as prices, settlements and sales to be very reliable and for the transactions to be executed in milliseconds.

Integration Challenges

As Teboil has multiple legacy systems including a legacy ERP, which used to be a problem when trying to create real time POS integrations.

Additionally implementing fast reacting business configuration changes, like gasoline pricing, reliably to all POS systems, means that the integrations need to be resilient to network breaks and other circumstances.


Teboil has implemented all POS and relating business integrations using FRENDS as well as modernizing access to the legacy ERP to enable modern customer facing services as well as managing multiple back-office related process automations.

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