FRENDS Release notes

5.3 Release notes

Cross-platform Agent, OpenAPI 3.0

5.2 Release notes

Improved logging, authentication for API specifications

5.1 Release Notes

Conditional trigger, experimental support for RabbitMQ, new Swagger editor for APIs

5.0 Release Notes

OAuth token support for API endpoints, new environment variable editor, support for .NET Standard 2.0 tasks, and more.

4.5 Release Notes

Easy communication between cloud and on-premise agents, API Gateways, and more.

4.4 Release notes

API management and authentication, user management, and more

4.3 Release notes

New process editor, subprocesses, while loops, expression shape, and more.

4.1 Release notes

Logging of process executions, new process shapes, and more

4.2 Release notes

Dashboard widgets, promoted variables, secret environment variables, and more