Showcase: City of Lohja

HIQ's FRENDS enterprise integration platform-as-a-service automates critical processes of the city of Lohja.


What was the integration platform needed for?

The information systems of a growing city require flexibility and efficiency. In the past, data transfers between Lohja city systems were handled by scripts on local servers and scheduled transfers and batch runs. In case of errors, it was very challenging to solve the problem. FRENDS moves critical data.

HiQ's FRENDS integration platform handles nearly 800 daily data transfers. These processes consist of transfers of production control between health care, social services, urban technology and financial and human resource management. It can be said that FRENDS spins the strollers of the city of Lohja.

"The knowledge about IT processes is not person-dependent as before. Our processes are no longer stopped due to staff changes or absences."
-Mikael Puussa, IT manager, City of Lohja

Customer Words

“We have been particularly pleased with the automated e-mail reports, which provide information on the transfer of data, without having to guess whether or not the data has been transferred,” says Mikael Puusa, CIO from Lohja City.

"Before problem-solving was challenging, nowadays you do not have to look where the problem lies and we can take immediate corrective action."
-Mikael Puussa, IT manager, City of Lohja

Collaboration and strong own expertise

The city of Lohja acquired the FRENDS integration platform in 2003. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to centralize all integrations around a single platform and vendor, which has also enabled Lohja to build its integration expertise. FRENDS and integrations work in Lohja with a team of 7 people. FRENDS is very easy to use - Lohja has done all but two processes itself. When an error occurs, HiQ Support will be able to resolve transfer issues while the customer is waiting. A problem that has not yet been resolved quickly has not yet been addressed.

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