Showcase: Häme University of Applied Sciences

HAMK is perfecting internal systems with the help of FRENDS eiPaaS, integration platform as a service


Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) was interested to implement integration platform as a service (eiPaaS) to digitalise their operations and student services, i.e. library use, multifunctional student cards, employee services, internal data and payroll management. In addition, the University already had the appropriate Microsoft and C# technology expertise that continuously supported the adoption and use of the FRENDS eiPaaS.

"We saved both time and money when we were able to implement the entire mobile service ourselves. "
-Mika Rintala, information Management Team Leader at HAMK

Customer Words

In addition, visual monitoring of FRENDS helps us to easily identify possible fault situations.

"Our students can now join the library with a mobile application implemented by HAMK and operated by FRENDS. "
-Mika Rintala, information Management Team Leader at HAMK

Integration Challenges

The initial evaluation of the IT infrastructure at HAMK showed that previous integrations had been executed in a non-unified way and by using multiple tools. The scripts were loose and hard to work with. Further, it was discovered that the centralized system to monitor integration statuses was partially missing. However, the biggest challenge was in the fact that the solution at that time was missing some critical features and capabilities. For example, it was impossible to build event-based processes and the number of triggers was very limited. That evaluation made it clear that HAMK’s systems needed to undergo modernization to correct those shortcomings.


As the result of the project:

  1. Old integrations migrated to FRENDS;
  2. Library customer management process was established;
  3. A Web application for educational personnel management was implemented, that is invoice automation;
  4. Multiple and third-party systems integrations were established, for example connecting university web applications with the Basware’s Wintime accounting system.

The sucsess of the project was secured by the adequate resource destribution, and by having a good and unified documentation process in place. The IT team was pleased with how easily FRENDS was made available for day-to-day use. FRENDS provided HAMK with templates for documenting integrations. This changed the previous approach and provided support for documentation.

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