Showcase: Lähitaksi

HiQ is behind Finnish taxi company Lähitaksi’s new digital service aimed at improving the customer experience and making it easier and more convenient to order and pay for a taxi.


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HiQ has delivered a digital platform and easy-to-use and customer-friendly mobile applications to Lähitaksi. With the Taksini (My Taxi) app you can order and follow your taxi until it comes and picks you up. The connection between the apps and the underlying systems is made using HiQ’s integration platform Frends, which greatly simplifies integration while making it easy to add new functions.

"Work on Taksini has only just begun. We will soon be able to add really innovative features"
-Erik Ridman, Head of Communications at HiQ

Customer Words

"HiQ works with several of the biggest taxi operators in the Nordics to create the digital transport ecosystem of the future."
-Erik Ridman, Head of Communications at HiQ

Technological developments have had a major impact on the taxi sector. Soon, the entire transport sector will look completely different thanks to innovative thinking and technical possibilities.

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