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S-Bank is a fast-growing bank, serving about 3 million customers with a total of nearly 2 million international payment cards. One way S-Bank has successfully grown is through it's mobile bank: The S-mobiili application is the only application provided by a Finnish bank that connects the bank and retailer. It has already been downloaded more than a million times from application stores, that's one in four people between the ages of 18 and 75, and has more that 100,000 daily users. As a pioneer in digital banking, S-Bank needed an integration platform that is both reliable and agile.

FRENDS combines technical reliability with speed and flexibility, enabling us to respond to changing business needs

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We chose the FRENDS integration platform for its superior features. The platform combines technical reliability with speed and flexibility. This enables us to respond to changing business needs. The platform is also very reliable: since the introduction of FRENDS, the number of production cuts due to faults with the platform dropped to almost zero.

With FRENDS, the API economy has become a fact for us. This was one of the most important features of the platform, in addition to overall cost-effectiveness and speed of implementation. Now, we have come to a complete level of security and have cut the cost of development significantly compared to the previous solution. When it comes to software licenses, the soct savings are even more dramatic. The maintenance costs of the FRENDS integration platform are less than half of those of the previous solution's software maintenance. So at the maintenance stage, the cost of the software is only a fraction of the previous one.

We have increased the level of security and have cut the cost of development significantly compared to the previous solution

Jan Kortesalo, CIO, S-Bank

S-Bank is a Finnish bank that strives to offer exceptionally easy and useful banking services. It provides 2.9 million customers with comprehensive services for daily money management, saving, investing, and financing of purchases. S-Bank invests heavily in digital content and in making life easy for customers. To this end, S-Bank serves its customers comprehensively through our online bank, the S-mobiili mobile application, telephone service, social media, and at more than 700 S Group branches throughout Finland. S-Bank funds and financial services are provided by our subsidiary, FIM. S-Bank owns the SOK Group (37.5%), S Group’s regional cooperatives (37.5%), the LähiTapiola Group (23.5%), and Elo (1.5%). S-Bank’s services are primarily provided to S Group’s customer owners. S-Bank has been granted the Finnish Key Flag Symbol for promoting Finnish work.

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FRENDS automates and modernizes previously manual processes by providing data from and to various sources. FRENDS also brings visibility of what has and what has not happened in the business process.

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