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Teboil has 84 years history in marketing and sales of oil products and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Finland. As any large retail company, Teboil needs to transfer sales transactions, point-of-sales (POS) parameters and other essential information fast, reliable and accurately. Since 1988, when FRENDS started to take care of these data flows in FRENDS1 on OS/2 platform, pace and quantum of data have been increasing. Nowadays all the sales transactions are handled in milliseconds to enable real-time monitoring and faster sales transactions and settlements.

Today the hybrid-ready FRENDS integration platform manages the data flows of over 340 point-of-sales.

We are pleased with the reliability, safety, and speed of FRENDS integration platform

We are pleased with the reliability, safety, and speed of FRENDS integration platform as well as the services provided by HiQ. We have been able to buy ten extra years for our legacy systems as FRENDS enables our old systems to coexist with new ones thus prolonging legacy system's lifecycle.

Increasing lifetime years to existing legacy applications give the migration projects time they need to evolve.

Tuukka Vepsäläinen, CIO, Teboil Oy

Oy Teboil Ab is a company engaged in the import, marketing, sales and distribution of oil and energy products in Finland. In 2016, the company's turnover was EUR 1.8 billion with a market share of 26.9 per cent. Teboil's operations are divided into three business operations units. Retail division is comprised of a network of around 450 branches of service stations, unmanned stations, D-stations for commercial traffic, and customer cards. Wholesale division concerns the corporate sales and wholesale of fuel oils and diesel, the consumer sale of heating oil, and liquefied petroleum gas. Lubricant sales division markets Teboil lubricants for use in vehicles, machines and industry.

Services for traffic and people Teboil's national distribution network consists of 122 service stations and 210 unmanned stations, of which 64 are Teboil Express unmanned stations. Commercial traffic is served by 450 refuelling points, of which 217 are D-stations.

Teboil's service stations aim to provide the best service in the local area. Depending on the location, service stations also include a café and restaurant, serve fast food, sell groceries and car accessories, and provide car wash and maintenance services.

Oy Teboil Ab has operated successfully on the Finnish markets since 1934 and is owned by OAO LUKOIL, one of the largest oil companies in the world.

Antti Toivanen

HiQ Finland

+358 40 715 1935

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