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Business Process automation at the heart of integrations with Oras


The number and significance of integration keeps increasing. Thanks to the flexible architecture of the processes, we are now able to build integrations whenever necessary. In addition to deploying our new integration platform, we also redefined and updated all of our current integrations.

Heidi Evilampi, Head of Business Process Development
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Rovio automates product licensing business processes with FRENDS

Media & Entertainment

"FRENDS & Rovio License Management HiQ provides Rovio Entertainment with a business process integration solution, FRENDS integration tools and related consulting services."

Kalle Alppi, CIO
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HiQ ICC – Efficient, business oriented processes for NEVE

Power & Utilities

Previously NeVe's systems integration was technically excellent, but because of a few imprecise practices in integration management, the full potential for business benefits was left unrealised. The FRENDS integration platform provided an excellent answer to the development needs of NEVE’s business operations.

Hannu Vaara, Chief Digital Officer
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Raisio's Business Process automation results in cost savings


"Everything that we do is based on our commitment to ongoing development, corporate responsibility and high quality. New generation FRENDS integration platform allows us to focus on our core activities and new product development. They are already benefitting from slicker businesses processes and greater work automation. Their financial administration team, for example, are delighted as they no longer need to carry out manual searches and can focus on getting the real work done instead."

Sami Halinen, CIO
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S-Bank achieves -75% TCO with a Hybrid Integration Platform strategy


"With FRENDS the API-Economy has become a reality for us which was one of our criteria when choosing a new integration platform. Our operational stability is on a completely new level and we have managed to cut costs to less than one third of our previous solution. FRENDS combines technical reliability with agility and flexibility. With FRENDS we are able to respond rapidly to the changing requirements of business while following DevOps guidelines."

Jan Kortesalo, CIO
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City of Pori builds 150 do-it-yourself integrations


"City of Pori is a trailblazer in Finland in information system integration through open interfaces. The DIY ideology and Open API thinking of Pori is supported by the HiQ FRENDS integration platform that has helped the city to provide new services for its residents in a fast and cost-efficient way."

Matti Valli, CIO
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