The City of Pori created 150 integrations with a do-it-yourself concept

DIY Integration
Significant Cost Savings
Open API's

Do-it-yourself integrations

The City of Pori is a trailblazer in Finland in information system integration through open interfaces. The DIY ideology and Open API thinking of Pori is supported by the HiQ FRENDS integration platform that has helped the city to provide new services for its residents in a fast and cost-efficient way.

At the moment, there is a total of 150 integrations between the approximately 200 information systems currently used by the City of Pori. We have made the integrations ourselves with the FRENDS integration platform. Through FRENDS, we receive, for instance, energy consumption data for properties owned by the city from the energy companies and process the data for further use to compare electricity consumption and identify waste heat as well as to support financial management. What is significant about FRENDS is that it truly is a do-it-yourself product. We have achieved significant savings by developing our own integration solutions

Matti Valli, Information Systems Manager, City of Pori

Another example of the opportunities brought about by the FRENDS platform is the real-time publishing of speed and location data of buses for a mobile application through which everyone moving around Pori can also buy a bus ticket.

We have published modern micro services of FRENDS. The platform makes it possible for us to release information on the Open API model externally for others to use. This means we can flexibly build services that help the people of Pori

Matti Valli, Information Systems Manager, City of Pori

Further Information

Jukka Rautio,

Managing Director, HiQ Finland

tel. +358(0)50 827 1142,


Matti Valli,

Chief Information Officer, City of Pori


City of Pori is a municipality located on the western coast of Finland with close to a 100 000 inhabitants. The City of Pori aims to be a digital trailblazer in government offered services through API Economy and digitalization.

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