What is an eiPaaS?

An enterprise integration platform as a service (eiPaaS) solution provides capabilities to enable customers to implement data, application, API and process integration projects involving any combination of cloud and on-premises endpoints.

This is achieved by developing, deploying, executing, managing and monitoring integration processes that connect multiple endpoints in various deployment models so that they can work together.

An eiPaaS solution is typically used for cloud service integration (CSI), application-to-application integration (A2A), business-to-business integration (B2B) scenarios and, increasingly, for mobile application integration (MAI) and IoT integration scenarios.

Unlike iPaaS solutions, eiPaaS solutions are designed to support enterprise-class integration projects requiring;

  • High availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR)
  • Security
  • Service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Technical support from the provider

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