Mastering cloud integration and overcoming silofication

In today's IT landscape, companies are faced with the challenge of integrating their existing IT infrastructures with modern cloud solutions. Despite numerous platforms and APIs, effective use often remains difficult and complex.

In today's IT landscape, organizations face a growing challenge: integrating legacy IT infrastructures with modern cloud solutions. Despite the many platforms and software solutions available with APIs, effective use is often difficult.

The Silo Challenge

Silofication is the tendency for IT systems to operate in isolation from each other, making it difficult for different systems to communicate and exchange data. This is particularly problematic for organizations that use both traditional on-premises systems and modern cloud services. These systems are often deeply entrenched and essential for regulatory reasons. Integrating them with new cloud services can be complex and labor-intensive, threatening the agility and flexibility you need.

The Role of Integration Platforms

Many organizations are attempting to overcome silos through cloud migration projects or integration platforms. These platforms help connect disparate applications, data, and systems to automate and streamline business processes. However, traditional solutions often act as generic middleware and do not provide the depth of value to break down silos.

A solution that overcomes silofication

Frends provides a centralized API management platform specifically designed to reduce API complexity and provide visibility. This makes it possible to detect and prevent faulty or counterfeit APIs, significantly increasing security. Especially for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Frends is a valuable tool for integrating on-premises systems with clouds, clouds with each other, and across partner boundaries along the supply chain.

Efficient Integration with Templates

A key feature of Frends is the use of template routes. These templates provide services to the customer during the integration process to simplify interface integration. This allows MSPs to automatically provision cloud services. Frends detects and resolves process failures early through availability checks and actively initiates processes. Frends is also ideal for large-scale migrations of IT service management systems because it supports extensive data and logic.

The glue between the systems

Frends acts as an adhesive between different systems. Wherever data flows regularly and fast integration processes are required, the Frends modular system is used. Automation eliminates the need for additional personnel, maximizing efficiency. At the same time, the Frends principle promotes employee understanding of business processes and increases the value of services and automation.

Security and privacy

Frends is developed and hosted entirely in Europe and meets all security and privacy requirements when integrating with enterprise systems. This provides a high level of security and ensures that enterprise data is protected.

Silofication is a major challenge in integrating modern IT infrastructures. Frends offers a sophisticated solution to overcome this challenge by reducing API complexity, ensuring security, and maximizing efficiency. Enterprises can seamlessly integrate traditional IT systems and modern cloud solutions, overcoming the barriers of silofication.