FRENDS helps integration and digitalization teams succeed.

Build API's and Integrations Faster

FRENDS has built in features such as visual IDE., monitoring, analytics and CI/CD pipelines so you can move more quickly and focus on what really matters.

True Distributed Architecture

FRENDS utilizes a true distributed architecture, which allows you to connect systems, data and API's across any and all platforms or datacenters you might have. You decide what functionality gets executed where.

Go Low-Code For Maximum Impact

FRENDS has a wide selection of configurable open-source connectors, but combine configuration with coding for maximum capabilities and the fastest possible development speed, even if dealing with legacy systems.

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Business and DevOps, together.

For Business Users...

FRENDS provides a visual development environment to define and collaborate with developers in an understandable way, while giving you access to the data and stream-analytics you need to make smarter decisions.

For Developers...

FRENDS' low-code approach is beloved by developers and to top it off we automate most of the more mundane tasks of development, such as version control, documentation, deployments and much more.

For Operators...

FRENDS has built in monitoring features, which will solve all of your analytics and monitoring needs out of the box.

Hundreds of innovative customers Use FRENDS.

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The Nordic's leader in Hybrid Integration Platforms.

A holistic integration and API platform.

Integration Features


Design, create and publish API's in the cloud or ground

BPA Processes

processes that automate the flow of information. RPA done right.

Cloud Integrations

Execute your integrations and API's in the cloud using Azure, AWS or Google Cloud

Ground Integrations

Execute your integrations and API's on the ground with Windows Servers or Linux Servers

We Love DevOps

Dev & Ops Use the Same Tools

Develop and operate all integration and API's with the same visual BPMN 2.0 notation


Automated version control and deployments ensure that Dev can stay focused on what matters


All of your integration executions are logged and indexed so that Ops is taken care of automatically

Automated Alerts

Configure rules that automatically inform you of trouble based on execution patterns

Governance Comes First

Integration Catalogue

All integration processes and API's are automatically catalogued and cross referenced for dependencies

Automated Documentation

When developing with FRENDS you automatically create an exportable and versioned documentation of the solution

Fine Grained Access Control

Full SSO support with fine grained access control and audit logging

Bleeding Edge Security

Distributed architecture ensures you know where data is being processed and stored at all times

We are FRENDS, the best one-stop-shop integration platform on the .NET stack. Our vision has always been to develop an integration platform that developers love working with, architects leverage for new challenges and that fulfills all the businesses needs.

FRENDS is highly rated by peers and analysts

FRENDS is highly rated by peers and customers in Gartner's independent research, Peer Insights.

Reviews are rigorously vetted by Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company — no vendor bias, no hidden agendas, just the real voices of enterprise users.


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Solutions to common challenges

Build and Publish a Managed API

Create an Open API Specification 3.0 conforming API on top of your existing data and publish it via FRENDS API Management.

API Management

Modernize Legacy Systems

Wrap access to legacy systems in FRENDS Miniservices and move critical business logic outside the legacy system. Use these miniservices to speed up integration development or offer them as API's for app developers.

Legacy Modernization

Use BPA to automate business processess

FRENDS has full BPA capabilities for you to automate existing business processess such as HR-processes or incoming orders. Combine BPA with RPA for full effect.


FRENDS DevOps Toolkit

FRENDS provides a robust toolkit to support any DevOps team throughout any solutions lifecycle from planning to deployments.

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Distributed Architecture

FRENDS has a true distributed architecture suited for both hybrid and multi-cloud integration scenarios.