Develop, manage and secure all your integration and API needs with one simple solution.

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What makes us different?

We take a different approach to many other competitors in the market by sacrificing ready made adapters in favour of better governance and putting the developer first.

Integrates Anything

Seamlessly and securely connect everything in the cloud and on-premise.

Governance First

As integrations get easier and easier to implement, governance becomes more and more important.

Empowers Integration Teams

FRENDS is designed for to pull out the full potential of enterprise integration teams.


Who is using FRENDS?

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- 70% TCO

S-Pankki managed to reduce the TCO for their integration and API platform by 70% with FRENDS.

Read Case S-Bank

Technology You Can Trust

FRENDS is built on the latest technology, so you can trust it to be secure, fast and reliable


What can FRENDS help your organization with?

Reduce Costs

Reduce development costs and speed up time to market with our low-code approach.

Reduce operational costs with superior monitoring/logging capabilities.

Sensible subscription based licensing model compared to competition.

Enable an Ecosystem

Modernize legacy systems with FRENDS legacy connectors.

Create an ecosystem by publishing modern API’s with best of breed API management features.

Manage partner and 3rd party networks with built in governance features.

Tackle Modern Issues

Become fully GDPR compliant with FRENDS GRPR features.

Tap into the latest market drivers such as PSD2 to innovate new services.

Help your transition from on-premise to the cloud with systems and processes.


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