Develop, manage and secure all your integration and API needs with one simple solution.

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What does FRENDS do?

Integrates Anything

Seamlessly and securely connect everything in the cloud and on-premise.

Governance First

As integrations get easier and easier to implement, governance becomes more and more important.

Empowers Integration Teams

FRENDS is designed for to pull out the full potential of enterprise integration teams.


Who is using FRENDS?

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- 70% TCO

S-Pankki managed to reduce the TCO for their integration and API platform by 70% with FRENDS.

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Technology You Can Trust

FRENDS is built on the latest technology, so you can trust it to be secure, fast and reliable


FRENDS works best when tackling these use cases.

Hybrid Integration Scenarios

Do you have on-premise applications or systems, but want to move some or all of them to the cloud?

If so then FRENDS is a perfect fit for you, as the hybrid integration approach and the distributed Agent architecture will enable you to:

  • Securely connect cloud and on-premise systems
  • Automate the flow of information without heavy configuration changes
  • Choose and strip data when transferring it between environments
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Modernizing Legacy Systems

Do you have a critical legacy system such as an old ERP on which your whole business relies, but want to start developing more modern apps with API's and other methods?

FRENDS can enable you to extend the lifecycle of existing legacy applications by modernizing the connectivity to sai legacy applications and wrapping their functionality in modern buffered API's.

  • Offer legacy system functions as API's
  • Wrap legacy API's in developer portals
  • Enable proper identity management and tracking via API management

Replacing Legacy ESB

Do you have an older ESB such as BizTalk or IBM Integration Bus and want to streamline ESB development efforts to achieve faster time to market and cost savings in development and operations.

FRENDS will help you streamline legacy ESB functionality by enabling the development of complex functionality needed of an legacy ESB, but incorporating modern iPaaS methods and functionality such as intgrated version control and automated deployments to achieve continuous delivery models.

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Automating Business Processes

Do you have a lot of manual work involved in operating your business critical systems and applications?

FRENDS can automate those business processes by connecting the required systems and applications together while following the business logic rules implemented with the FRENDS visual developer tool.

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