Frends is used by multiple global manufacturing companies to enable modern digital supply chain management by linking together systems across public cloud, private ground and remote factory or on-site systems.

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Digital Supply Chain Management

With FRENDS you can start the journey towards a more modern digital supply chain management using frends EDI (Electronic data interchange) capabilities to first replace existing EDI-integrations or operators for drastic cost savings and afterwards start building Open API's to gradually move from legacy file based EDI messaging to modern API centric messaging to improve customer satisfaction and speed up development of new services.

Improve Internal Processes

Manufacturing customers usually also use frends to optimize and improve their internal processes such as workforce management, HR and salary. By increasing the level of automation in these internal processes you can introduce cost savings while increasing productivity.

Use Cases For Manufacturing

  • Replace EDI integrations or EDI operator with cost-efficient frends processes
  • Provide modern external API's for supply chain management
  • Provide modern external API's for digital sales channels such as webshops
  • Automate internal processes
  • Provide visibility into those processes and analytical capabilities in real time