Open Banking is a global and growing trend that is taking over diverse financial services. APIs create a whole new range of innovative services built on top of existing banking and financial infrastructures. With the help of integrations, you can now enter into different relationships with your partners and stakeholders to develop new services and digitalize existing ones.

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Away from ASPSP to become PISP and AISP

APIs and Integrations are the foundation for the banking industry to shift away from being solely a traditional Account Servicing Payment Service Provider to become both Payment Initiation Services Providers and Account Information Services Providers. With Frends iPaaS' help, you will be able to create new business offerings, and take up new roles in the supply chain process:

  • Develop and enhance personal financial management apps
  • Improve customer experience and service delivery
  • Become a secure and reliable payment provider
  • Automate, digitalize, and support decision-making for your partners in other industries

Support and modernize your legacy systems

Relying on old legacy systems can significantly slow down your business development and limit opportunities. Old IT infrastructures are often too over-structured and not able to integrate the latest tech and industry advancements, such as security developments and cloud storage. When choosing to modernize your legacy systems, you choose:

  • To improve security, and mitigate errors and risks
  • To benefit from the latest technologies
  • To stay on top of your competition
  • To introduce new services and functionalities much faster
  • To reduce operational costs in a long run

Use cases for Finance

  1. Build internal integrations to improve regulatory compliance
  2. Build external integrations for value-added services, such as banking identification, e-commerce payment solutions, personal finance apps, and more
  3. Detect fraudulent activities faster and more efficient
  4. Provide a more tailored customer service via life-time analytics and customer segmentation
  5. Speed up the Introduction and adoption of new client services

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