Combining Wapice’s IoT-TICKET® platform and Frends integration platform enables more extensive data integration

Thanks to the collaboration between Wapice IoT-TICKET® and Frends, more and more companies using the Frends integration can now easily enter the world of IoT.

Wapice and Frends have jointly produced a library that allows the Frends integration platform to be seamlessly connected as a new data source to IoT-TICKET®. Wapice’s IoT-TICKET® is an internationally awarded IoT solution for tracking machines and equipment, people or even buildings from anywhere and anytime. IoT-TICKET® is an AI-enabled and easy-to-use IoT toolkit that can be used to create massive production-level applications in minutes. Thanks to the collaboration with Wapice, more and more companies using the frends integration can easily enter the world of IoT.

The Frends platform can be used to build high-level integrations between different interfaces. The development of Frends started as early as 1988 and development continues strong. Frends is a low-code platform where integrations can be built quickly and easily with graphical tools. Low-code typically means that the development costs are only 10% of those of a traditional software development project, and thus it is possible to focus on productivity instead of writing code.

"Our cooperation with Wapice will diversify the Frends ecosystem and enable more seamless integration into IoT-TICKET®,” says Miikka Aalto, Partner Manager at Frends iPaaS. The ease of use and comprehensive features of both products will make this combination an effective solution for IoT applications,” Aalto continues.

Deployment of the IoT-TICKET® library on the frends platform is similar to that of any other library. The library allows data sources to be integrated into IoT-TICKET® using frends’ graphical tools.

Frends integration flow frends integration flow visualisation

The data to be integrated can be, for example, district heating and electricity consumption data or solar electricity production data. Data sources are analyzed using ready-made solutions in IoT-TICKET®. IoT-TICKET® enables the optimization of energy consumption through energy reporting and can also be used to build intelligent applications in which energy production from different sources is controlled through market pricing.

“We are expanding the ecosystem and looking for partnerships that increase IoT-TICKET®’s possibilities for a growing number of applications," says Markus Mäkelä, Development Director at Wapice. frends is a good example of how easily we can provide interfaces to existing systems and services. We hope that the threshold to start producing new services and increasing the efficiency of business with IoT solutions will be further lowered,” Mäkelä continues.

Further information:

Miikka Aalto, Partner Manager, Frends enterprise iPaaS (HiQ Finland), tel. +358 50 431 9255

Markus Mäkelä, Development Director, Wapice Oy, tel. +358 10 277 5014