Frends for SaaS: Planacy x Frends partnership

Coding custom integrations from scratch between systems can be expensive and time-consuming. There are other ways. The company Planacy simply subscribes to an integration platform by Frends.

Polina Zyaparova


Polina Zyaparova

Marketing & PR at Frends

Planacy is a SaaS company founded in Stockholm in 2015. Today, they are the leaders in data-driven financial planning in the Swedish market. The platform simplifies and streamlines data-driven budgeting and forecasting for companies and businesses by seamlessly retrieving data from necessary source systems, such as accounting, personnel, and customer data from business and CRM systems. This way, the customer can work with existing structures and create financial forecasts, manually or automatically, based on outcome data and key figures.

Frends allows SaaS companies to easily sign up for a subscription-based iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) services. With an iPaaS, companies can more quickly and easily integrate, monitor, and maintain all integrations and connectors to customers' and partners' systems. In the case of Planacy, they require lots of integrations to enable Planacy's system to communicate with various customers' systems.

"It can be anything from reading the data manually through Excel to utilizing customers' investments in existing Business Intelligence systems. To broaden the possibilities, we have begun the development of a Data Integration Service to create ready-made connections to the most common and important systems. That is why we have started a collaboration with Frends," says Jimmy Stenqvist Evegård, CEO of Planacy.

When the integration work is managed as a service, it also becomes easier for Planacy to work with more types of customers.

"Regardless of the type of customer and the type of setup they have, we want to be able to deliver Planacy quickly and easily. That's why broad integration opportunities - and our new Data Integration Service based on Frends - are of great importance," continues Jimmy.

"Frends is a very modern platform. It is "drag-and-drop," low-code, and all roles can work in the same interface - a very modern and cost-effective way of working. Our partners can build themselves and create solutions exactly as they want them. It frees up time that our customers can spend on other, more valuable tasks," says Kristoffer Lundegren, Country Manager Sweden at Frends.

"Integrations are of central importance to us, and it is important to have many different integration opportunities. Frends means that we can run faster with developing our new service and connectors than if we did everything from scratch ourselves. Working with Frends' platform means that we can focus on developing our core product and real IP," concludes Jimmy.

About Planacy

Planacy is a best-of-breed planning platform for data-driven budgeting and forecasting. The company is run by a motivated and passionate team with a vision to contribute to more successful companies by simplifying more data-driven and continuous planning processes. With a broad partner network and innovative plattform, Planacy has been established as the leading best-of- breed system on the Scandinavian market.

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