FRENDS’ position in the integration platform market

Looking at FRENDS from a couple of aspects: What makes us different?

How exactly does FRENDS differentiate?

The ideology of FRENDS is to provide an integration platform that developers love working with. Instead of providing huge libraries of ready-made connectors and focusing on plug-and-play type of implementations, FRENDS has put the focus on providing the best-in-breed protocols for integration developers to work with. You can think of it as a kind of a framework for integration development, that enables you to integrate with anything, seamlessly.

Firstly, the connectors provided within a platform might not work exactly for the company’s need and thus time-consuming customization is needed. There might be old legacy systems or systems that have been customized vastly over the years and don’t exactly integrate the way you would like with the connectors provided. This is one of many examples, why companies have selected FRENDS as their integration platform. FRENDS enables our customers to develop customized integrations in a highly agile way in addition to other standard capabilities that high-end integration platforms normally offer.

Some of FRENDS tasks

Secondly, the learning curve is extremely short compared to many other platforms. To work with FRENDS and creating integrations is as easy as creating integrations can get. The low-code model utilized in FRENDS brings up the visual tools for creating integrations and for monitoring them. Generally understanding integrations and knowing at least some C#-language, you are fully equipped to start working with FRENDS and solve any integration challenges you may have.


Over 300 organizations use FRENDS for their integrations and the number is increasing. Having a difficult integration project or a use case on the roadmap? Throw it at us and let us impress you with FRENDS enterprise integration platform!