Frends Release 5.4.4: Compliant Cloud hosting

New features and improvements: Added support for managed hosting Frends infrastructure in Compliant Cloud in Sweden

This service release contains the following changes/fixes:


  • Added support for managed hosting Frends infrastructure in Compliant Cloud in Sweden
  • Added support for OpenStack Ceph as Object Storage
  • Added support for Agent Group specific RabbitMQ users that the UI can create
  • Managed cloud Agents are not currently supported for tenants deployed in City Cloud


  • Bug: Local Subprocesses are now executed concurrently (requires Process recompiling)
  • Bug: Process Task parameters/results with JSON 'undefined' values are now logged as 'null' instead because 'undefined' is not valid JSON and will break the UI JavaScript


  • It is now possible to choose which API Processes are deployed when deploying an API
  • UI will no longer send configuration messages to out-of-date (different major or minor version) Agents to prevent errors.
  • Dashboard's error list now shows the timestamp in the browser's timezone
  • Bug: Process Instance List view no longer shows Development Agent Group's instances instead of the intended Agent Group's instances in some rare cases
  • Bug: Deleted Agent Group's cleanup settings are now removed correctly
  • Bug: It is now possible to remove the last Tag from a Process
  • Bug: Task page no longer fails to get updated Task information from the official Task feed when there's a large amount of Tasks installed


  • Bug: Shared state 'Try remove' action no longer throws an error when it succeeds
  • Bug: Cross-platform Agent no longer logs Trigger parameters when 'Log trigger parameters and result' is disabled
  • Bug: API Key rate limiting now correctly refreshes quota
  • Bug: Cross-platform Agent now reports Triggers in use correctly when running in limited mode