How to set up an Azure Form Recognizer Service with Frends iPaaS

Learn how to set up a form recognizer service for extracting data from PDF documents.

In this demo tutorial, Mika Haikonen, a pre-sales architect at Frends, will take you through the process of how to set up Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Form Recognizer with Frends. Mika will show how to create a form recognizer service for extracting data from PDF documents. From this demo, you will get a basic understanding of what Azue Form Recognizer Service is, what is needed for setting it up with Frends iPaaS.

The tutorial is relevant for solving any business cases that involve PDF documents in the process and is aimed at reducing manual work, i.e., payslips, receipts in accounting and payroll, delivery notes in e-commerce, logistics and retail, and more.

(To follow the steps in the demo, you will need subscriptions to Azure and Frends services and some basic skills using Azure. If you do not have Frends, you can get a free trial version of Frends for 30 days to test the capabilities and build your own Form Recognizer process.)

What is Azure Cognitive Services?

Azure Cognitive Services are cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) services that help you build cognitive intelligence into your applications. They are available as REST APIs, client library SDKs, and user interfaces. You can add cognitive features to your applications without having AI or data science skills. Cognitive Services enable you to build cognitive solutions that can see, hear, speak, understand, and even make decisions. (Source: Microsoft.

What is Computer Vision API?

The Computer Vision service provides you with access to advanced cognitive algorithms for processing images and returning information based on the visual features you're interested in. (Source: Microsoft.

What is Azure Form Recognizer?

Azure Form Recognizer is an AI-powered document extraction service. Form Recognizer applies advanced machine learning to extract text, key-value pairs, tables, and structures from the document. Form Recognizer operates on-premises and in the cloud. (Source: Microsoft.

How to: The Business Case to be solved with a Form Recognizer process set up