Levi resort app - Modern mobile application for Levi Ski Resort visitors enabled by Frends iPaaS integrations

Levi Ski Resort has introduced entirely new type of mobile application Levi Resort, which enhances the customer experience to a whole new level.

Polina Zyaparova


Polina Zyaparova

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Levi Resort App - Modern Application for Levi Visitors

Levi Ski Resort has introduced an entirely new type of mobile application Levi Resort, which enhances the customer experience to a whole new level. The application has unique usability and content features to maximize Levi Resort's visitor experience. Levi Resort App has been designed and implemented by Levi's technology partner HiQ and enabled by the Frends integration platform.

Levi Resort Application brings a real-time information package for customers to ensure a successful day on the slope. Levi mountain is a wide ski area in Finnish Lapland with 27 ski lifts and 43 different slopes and services.

"We are excited to get to launch a unique mobile solution where consumers have access to real-time information from many different sources with the help of integrations. Even at the global level, Levi Resort is the first application in the world that connects straight to slope tech and provides direct data from the slope, which brings a lot of different development possibilities in the future", says Frends' CEO Jukka Rautio.

3D map helps to navigate on the Levi mountain

The unique 3D map in the application covers the whole Levi mountain and nearby areas. App's user experience also provides real-time information from the slopes and ski lifts. It's also possible to watch live cameras from the slopes to see how it looks up there and follow real-time weather reports.

Levi app

Levi Resort App also provides information about slope restaurants, and other services, locations and schedules. You can even view ski bus routes, schedules, and real-time locations that operate between slopes and the biggest accommodation areas.

Smart mountain

Levi Resort application is one major part of Levi's "Smart mountain" project that started a year and a half ago. The project's goal is to provide customer's easy access to all slope data, information, and services to ensure the best possible skiing experience. Information flows from ski lifts, TechnoAlp snow throwers, and ski busses. Everything you might need for a successful skiing experience is covered.

Behind Levi Resort App's uniqueness is the integration of all ski resort's services and slope technology and data together with HiQ's Frends integration platform. The application serves a wide range of information combined with loyalty feature to create a customer experience that hasn't been seen in ski resorts before. We are very excited and believe that customers will take the Levi Resort App as their own, says Marko Mustonen, Business Director, Levi Ski Resort.

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