New Frends and Devinix partnership to transform the Swedish market with the enterprise level iPaaS Integrations

Frends x Devinix partnership to transform the Swedish market.

Frends and Devinix signed a partnership deal to deliver high-level IT services to the Swedish market with the help of an enterprise-level iPaaS solution (Integration Platform as a Service - eiPaaS). This will enable clients to achieve a successful digital transformation and start-up with legacy modernization processes to remain on top of their competition.

By adopting the Frends platform in solution delivery, Devinix will facilitate customers’ rapid service automation, supply chain optimization, and improved data management, among others, all with the power of APIs.

With the power of HiQ/Frends eiPaaS and Devinix infrastructure, we can now offer customers state-of-the-art integration between system platforms of different generations that enables automatization of workflows that were previously not possible, says Mårten Göthberg, CEO at Devinix Solutions.

Digitalising Public and Private Sectors

Devinix has many years of experience managing operations and security in various types of projects in both the public and private sectors. Devinix assists its customers with stable and reliable tech environments and business solutions that can easily be adjusted and deployed according to the changing demands of the industry. Combined with the capabilities of Frends EiPaaS, the customers will be receiving solutions that, unlike simple IPaaS options, will gain additional features that are crucial to both private and public sectors, those are:

  • High availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR),
  • Security,
  • Service-level agreements (SLAs),
  • Technical support from the provider.

Moreover, by entering the API economy through building and using solutions characterized by the high level of integration and automation, customers will be able to access and explore new business opportunities, like:

  • API Monetization as a business,
  • Scalability and full business digitalisation,
  • Added customer value creation through external API integrations.

Frends provides the best integration tools for our partners to extend their service offering towards their customers. With Frends, our partners have achieved faster customer on-boarding and enabled SaaS for even the most complicated integration scenarios,

says Miikka Aalto, Partner Sales Manager at Frends.

About Frends:

Frends EiPaaS by HiQ is one of the leading .NET solutions that helps enterprises to enter the era of digital transformation. With us you can develop, manage and secure all your API integrations within one simple platform. Lean, low-code, and intuitive. To find out more, visit

Contact Information: Miikka Aalto, Partner Sales Manager Tel: +358 50 431 9255 miikka(at)

About Devinix:

Devinix offers High-Availability Services with real time orchestration in multiple sites. Our main offering is managed services and outsourcing within IT operations and DevOps services as well as consultancy. Devinix has its own platform and redundant fibre network which extends to over three data centres in the areas around Stockholm and a network provider (AS8769) with redundant transits.

Contact Information: Mårten Göthberg, CEO Tel: 070 726 25 56 marten.gothberg(at)