Profiz paves the way for a modernized SAP business with the capabilities of Frends iPaaS

Finnish Profiz utilizes Frends iPaaS as the backbone of its data flow and management. The hybrid integration platform ensures, for example, reliable EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) messaging for customers in the food industry.

Essi Järvinen


Essi Järvinen

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Family-owned Profiz provides SAP Business One and a software ecosystem as a scalable SaaS service. Profiz started using Frends iPaaS in 2021 to achieve a more reliable, fast, and cost-effective development.

Perheyritys marraskuu kuvat Profiz. Credit_Riikka Sipilä Lotta Airas, CEO of Profiz // Photo credit: Riikka Sipilä

"Our integration developer had first-hand experience with the convenience and stability of Frends iPaaS. In addition, we valued the flexible pricing and the high popularity of Frends. Finding resources would be easy, as many developers know and appreciate the low-code approach."

Moreover, using the capabilities of Frends iPaaS, Profiz has created a new service that modernizes the processing of master data. With Airtable, a low-code spreadsheet-database hybrid solution, and the Frends integration platform, Profiz can provide customers with a more efficient way of importing and exporting master data. Instead of outdated file-based transfer, master data moves around via reliable REST APIs, which offer accurate feedback on processes.

"In the ERP world, utilizing REST APIs is quite rare and advanced as far as we know. Our SAP Business One ERP Solution, which we are selling and implementing, has a REST API. However, we need a modern integration platform to merge the data between various systems, some of which might support merely a file-based transfer. With the help of Frends iPaaS, we can make data flow between different systems, even if they were not designed for integration needs," says Lotta Airas, CEO of Profiz.

Airas believes there is seldom a need to start building products and services from scratch. Instead, choosing the right capabilities and making a value-adding mix of best-of-breech off-the-shelf software products ensures companies can keep up with the fast pace of digitalization.

"The world is full of amazing products that can be glued together with Frends. Adopting microservice thinking and capabilities allows companies to innovate and experience fast and make temporary fixes to be replaced later."

Airas finds the cooperation between Profiz and Frends easy and pleasant.

"The people are optimistic, happy, and human. In addition, we have received support whenever needed. The cooperation allows us significant business opportunities, as in any scenario, we need Frends to interpret and modify data."

About Profiz

Founded in 1992, Finnish Profiz is a family business providing SAP Business One and a software ecosystem as a scalable SaaS service. Profiz aims to be a long-term and reliable strategic partner that helps its customers utilize all the digital opportunities available. Profiz has a solid customer base in the food industry, manufacturing, and wholesale.

About Frends

Frends enterprise iPaaS is a European Enterprise Application Integration Platform as a Service that enables customers to integrate applications in the compliant cloud, hybrid, and on-premises. With Frends, you can develop, manage and secure all API integrations and process automations within one powerful platform. Lean, low-code, and truly hybrid, Frends is here to support seamless deployments and connections to any system. With Frends, you can save time and money on internal development and build and leverage reusable and re-sellable integration connectors for your customers.

Frends platform was established in Finland in 1988 and has grown rapidly in the Nordic region's domestic markets and internationally, with customers in over 16 countries.

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