The new frends — an integration platform as simple as Netflix

Performance, usability and visuality were at the top of our minds when we began to renew the FRENDS integration platform. In the new version, we have focused specifically on the reporting and monitoring needs of business management.

Best for your business

There are several integration platforms on the market, most of which have been designed in a feature-oriented way, whereas others market themselves as being so easy to use that even an office worker can use them to implement integrations. FRENDS combines the best of both worlds: technical functions and features as well as usability. FRENDS is a tool for integrations business owners as well as technical integration experts. The basis of our development work was to offer a tool that facilitates the everyday life of a technical expert and allows them to do their work as efficiently as possible. We will help you do quick, diverse, safe and reliable integrations and monitor their operation. Yet, our platform will adapt to the integration needs of a company of any size and is the visually most pleasing and most intuitively working platform on the market. With the new interface, it becomes easier to see a broader picture and to draw informed conclusions. Also, more depth has been added to business management reporting.

User needs as the focus of development

The design of the new FRENDS look began in the early spring of 2017, and the designs have been implemented actively during 2018. Improvements in the background system were implemented gradually even before the visual changes. So far, about 300 man-days have been used for the development of the new version. The design of the renewed interface is based on a user-oriented survey and systematically collected customer feedback. Users were asked what they liked or did not like in the old system. Also, the most common ways to use the system have been surveyed and used as a basis for designing an entirely new way of approaching integrations.

Role-based views that learn their user’s working habits

In the updated FRENDS, the user experience plays an increasingly important part. All the old features are still there but possibly in different locations than before. Lots of new features have been added. To support the transition stage, the old and new interface may be used side by side for approximately one year. I believe, however, that users will switch to the new look very quickly—that’s how intuitive the design is. The platform’s interface now includes artificial intelligence, which suggests features that are relevant to the user based on their habits. The feature predicts user's needs and directs the user towards their goal by offering instructions and shortcuts suitable for the situation. Out of the offered options, the user may choose suggestions that are best for them and constantly develop their role-based view.

A customized user experience, better reporting and overall picture

The system directs the user and the user experience becomes customized. Different users will see different information, tips and shortcuts. The system’s auxiliary data and documentation are offered individually to match the needs of each user. The user can also ask the system for advice, see the built-in instructions or contact the developers of FRENDS using a chatbot. The new version was built in a way that allows us at FRENDS to react to our customers’ development suggestions faster. The structure of the platform also enables even more seamless updates. Execution of interfaces becomes faster and it will be easier to make customer-specific changes to the system.

Deployment schedule

Arrangements for the new version and its deployment will be made separately with each customer, so no need to fear that the old interface will be changed into the new one overnight. If you missed our message for some reason, contact your FRENDS service manager!