Frends and Vaimo expand cooperation in the Nordics: Helping more customers overcome common e-commerce challenges

E-commerce expert Vaimo and Frends iPaaS started working together in 2021 to deliver the best digital commerce solutions. Now, the successful collaboration is expanding in the Nordic market, helping even more e-commerce businesses to thrive.

At the beginning of the collaboration, the digital experience experts started by mapping the key pain points in the e-commerce sector – often caused by rigid legacy systems.

They found that most e-commerce businesses were familiar with these 5 challenges:

  1. Legacy systems slowed down the delivery of modern customer service to shoppers.
  2. Legacy systems prevented a seamless flow of information between systems and databases, for example between different sales, marketing, CMS, ERP, and POS systems.
  3. A lack of integration capabilities and management of API interfaces led to challenges in enabling seamless data flow between various e-commerce components.
  4. A lack of format standardization caused data errors and difficulties in data synchronization and analysis.
  5. Rapid overloading of databases resulted in system slowdowns, negatively impacting user experience and business efficiency.

To solve these legacy challenges, Vaimo decided to incorporate the Gartner-recognized low-code Integration Platform, Frends iPaaS, into its projects.

With Frends, Vaimo has been able to speed up development cycles for e-commerce clients and equip them with top-notch solutions powered by high-level security mechanisms, monitoring tools, and data management. The companies have together been able to tackle challenges caused by legacy systems, lack of integration capabilities, slow information flows, and system overloads.

“The Frends integration platform is a perfect fit for our offering and has already helped many of our customers upgrade their integration architecture and solve problems that would have been complex without a modern iPaaS system. Frends not only solves technical problems but also increases business agility, helping organizations launch new services and improve operational efficiency by automating processes. In addition to Finland, we now aim to scale the collaboration to all Nordics markets”, says Marko Rytkönen, Business Development Director at Vaimo Nordics.

In Vaimo's projects, Frends iPaaS acts as an intermediate layer that allows all integrated systems to communicate with each other in real-time.

Frends has helped customers solve data and format compatibility issues between on-premise, legacy, and cloud systems by providing a wide range of data conversion scenarios, including MFT, ETL, and ELT.

Frends ensures transparency of integrations and API interfaces at all stages of the automated workflow. Plug-and-play connectivity to open, customized, and commercial APIs enables experimentation and co-development. The flexibility of the platform allows companies to enjoy faster time to integration, new product releases, and service launches for end users.

“Frends is delighted to offer brands and e-commerce supply chains even more stability, security, and flexibility. In recent years, e-commerce has become an influential part of business, offering excellent opportunities to create new services and user experiences. We have also recognized that it plays an essential role in our daily lives as ordinary customers. Together with Vaimo, we aim to support the growth of brands in the digital environment, and delight end users time and time again!", comments Jukka Rautio, CEO at Frends iPaaS.

Together, Vaimo and Frends aim to deliver the best digital commerce solutions on the market, taking supply chains and customer experience to an unprecedented level.

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