ICC White Paper

The Agile ICC can allow you to build systematic integration management, which will help you further develop your competencies and competitiveness.

White Paper: Agile Integration Competency Center - How to build an integration management process with Agile ICC

Companies employ a range of information systems of different ages, implemented in different ways. Managing the interconnections between this collection of IT systems, and the environment they are meant to serve, has become more and more challenging. API management, API economy and hyperautomation with RPA bring even more complexity to the integration pallette. By carefully planning and managing their integration architecture and its implementation, companies can save on costs and achieve other measurable benefits. The increasing need to combine and enrich data comprehensively across different systems or provide or consume different APIs make integration management - Integration Competency Center (ICC) - an increasingly important competence that companies must master.

In this whitepaper we share with you a comperehensive framewok model for your integration management.

You will learn:

  • how to solve integration and operational challenges with ICC
  • what benefits adopting an ICC can bring to your business
  • how to include integrations into your long-term business strategy and the importance of it
  • how to evaluate your organisation's readiness to adopt ICC
  • how to establish and run your ICC