Integration Solutions

Efficient DevOps that can handle pace and quantum of development work and changes is essential for integration delivery.

The cost-effective integration delivery

Our integration development process is carefully designed to handle the special needs of integration delivery. For example - no other IT-component or system is altered to such a pace and quantum of changes. This is because the integration platform is the place where the changes halt and stop propagating their effect on other systems. It is also fully transparent to the customer: for example, the progress of development, the schedule of future work and even documentation can be monitored in real-time.

Our services in integration development

  • Modeling business processes from the integrations' perspective
  • Designing and defining integration solutions and interfaces
  • Integration development
  • APIs and API-management
  • Workflow automation
  • Technical Business Process Automation (BPA)
  • Combining Robotic Process Automation with BPA
  • Integration testing / automated testing
  • Intensive support during solution deployment
  • Transition to support mode or DevOps
  • Technical project management
  • Continuous development and agreed SLA model

In integration development, the operating methods are adapted to the customer's situation and culture. We use the industry's best practices and agile implementation model. We create a good customer experience by combining strong technical know-how with close interaction with the customer.

The delivery model according to your need

We provide our integration expertise in three different ways: as DevOps teams, with AD/AM-model, and as integration consultation.

DevOps in integration

In the DevOps model, we consider an integration solution as a product rather than a project. The product is developed and maintained by the same DevOps team with best practices. This achieves superior quality in both development and maintenance. The DevOps model is suitable for both small and large customers. We can handle larger needs with a DevOps team serving one customer. We combine smaller needs with a single DevOps team, which has many small - typically industry-wide - integration products to develop and maintain.

Integration wizard for hire

Need an integration specialist as part of your team? It is possible - our experienced integration wizards join the customer's delivery team, taking care of your integration challenges for you.