GIS International partners up with Frends to automate up to 25% of processes

GIS International partners up with Frends to enhance its integration management and automate processes. With Frends, iPaaS GIS targets to automate 25% of its operations.

Essi Järvinen


Essi Järvinen

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GIS International offers certified operational best practices for indirect and direct materials procurement and integrated supply. GIS is an intermediate between suppliers and customers in various fields, such as food and beverage, healthcare, oil and gas, and container terminals.

GIS used to rely on third parties in integration management but wanted to gain more control and chose to deploy Frends iPaaS. A few training sessions were enough to get the in-house use going.

“We are extremely satisfied with the product. At first glance, it seemed complex, but already, within one hour, it made perfect sense. Frends iPaaS is simple to use and fulfills our needs now and plans for the future. The Frends team always responds quickly, but Frends Academy also supports our learning,” says Jules Melli, Integrations and RPA Team Leader at GIS International.

GIS learned about Frends in a project with Vaimo and soon realized that the low-code integration platform would bring various business opportunities. With Frends, GIS can replace internal, customer, and supplier integrations that 3rd parties used to manage. The goal is to automate processes and increase efficiency.

“Frends provides us flexibility, more control, and efficiency. We handle massive amounts of data since we support our customers’ logistics besides procurement services. Reliable real-time data transfer with minimal manual work between all parties supports our business growth. We can automate 25% of all processes”, estimates Melli.

“We have been amazed at how quickly GIS has learned the in-house use, and their eagerness to apply Frends iPaaS for further use cases is truly inspiring. GIS is following the best practices in hyperautomation and cleverly utilizing integration to automate their processes. This is the most cost-efficient way and done in the right order,” says Jukka Rautio, CEO at Frends.

About GIS International

The GIS story started in 1997 with a passionate team surrounded by founder and current CEO Marc Benmeridja to embark on a mission to offer a more efficient answer to common procurement issues in tail- or C-class procurement. From the start, the GIS team closely connected with every client, analyzing business needs and market fluctuations. Because of this pragmatic approach, the company gradually developed efficient and customized services for every customer.

This practical methodology formed the foundation for GIS International’s global procurement solutions. As the company noted continuous growth over the years, the forward-thinking services helped more prominent customers worldwide. Europe quickly proved too small – and currently, we are happily servicing companies in every corner of the globe.

About Frends

Frends iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is a leading enabler of digitalization and business process automation at the forefront of the world's leading iPaaS platforms. Frends iPaaS allows for the development, management, and security of all integrations and process automations on a powerful low-code platform with over 4,000 end-users globally. Frends platform was established in Finland in 1988 and has snowballed in the Nordic region's domestic markets and internationally, covering +16 countries. The Frends group comprises companies in Finland, Sweden, Poland, Germany, and Malaysia.


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