Major Product Release 5.6: New UI

Navigating through the different functions of Frends has never been as intuitive and lean as it is now.

Erkka Honkavaara


Erkka Honkavaara

Head of Frends R&D

Release 5.6.0

January 19

Today we are officially releasing Frends' fresh UI to provide a more modern and user-friendly User Experience. Navigating through the different functions of Frends has never been as intuitive and lean as it is now.

new ui


The management UI has been rebuilt to provide a more modern and usable user experience. The different pages of the UI have a more uniform way of functioning, making it easier for new users to jump in.

dark mode_new ui Dark mode in Frends

Notable changes, improvements and features:

  • Dark mode display
  • Process auto-recovery functionality to allow continuous development if the browser crashes
  • A new Welcome Page for new Frends deployments to help new users to start using the product with links to documentation and interactive product tours
  • From now on it is only possible to create Group Environment Variables on the Root level, i.e. new text, number, secret type Environment Variables can only be created inside of Groups. This was done to guide towards more cleaner maintainable Environment Variable structures
  • Monitoring rules can now be deployed/copied to new Environments as inactive
  • Process editor now has a buttons to center back to BPMN graph and see keyboard shortcuts
  • It is now possible to use expressions for Shared state Time-To-Live
  • Ctrl+S now does a 'Save as draft' in the Process Editor
  • New Agent groups will be Cross-platform by default
  • It is now possible to specify variables to be disposed at the end of a scope
  • When importing a Process that has an API Trigger, it is now automatically linked to an existing API Specification that matches it
  • It is now possible to disable Caller cancellation, i.e. this will allow a Process to finish even if the HTTP request which started the Process is cancelled
  • It is now possible to enforce mandatory Process change descriptions

Bug fixes

Fixed Process instance being reported for the wrong time when the Process started and ended on different dates

Fixed failing validation when switching Process' target framework to .NET 6 from .NET Standard

Process diff view now correctly highlights array parameter changes

New feature - Process Variables

Processes can now specify Process Variables. Process Variables are initialized at the start of the execution of a Process and can be accessed through the #var-reference. This feature will support the upcoming improved templating functionality by allowing the change of parameters during import. They will also allow changing the parameter values that use Process Variables without recompiling in the future.


Improvements and new features

The Agent will execute Remote Subprocesses through the local interface instead of going through the Remote Subprocess pipeline when the target Agent group is the one executing the parent Process

Bug fixes

Agents now report a failed Process instance execution if they cannot execute a Manual Trigger due to a missing Environment Variable


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