Frends Service Release Notes 5.5.4

Frends 5.5.4 version has been released. Read the notes to learn about recent changes and improvements in the Frends Integration Platform.

Erkka Honkavaara


Erkka Honkavaara

Head of Frends R&D

You can read the full release documentation and breaking changes in the 5.5 version here


14th of November 2022

This Service release contains the following changes/fixes:



  • Process editor loads less API specification data to speed up page load time
  • Process Instance count updates are now decoupled from Process instance updates, this prevents slow count updates from slowing instance updates

Bug fixes

  • Empty user role rules are now ignored instead of interpreted as wildcards
  • Updates to Instance counts are now correctly shown when using Environment specific log databases
  • Deleting an Agent Group no longer tries to delete the Environment level exchange if it is still in use when using RabbitMQ
  • NuGet package dependency error tolerance improved, v3 feed used as a fallback when compiling .NET 6 and Standard Processes



  • Remote Subprocess message handling performance improvements when using Azure Service Bus
  • Cross-platform Agent now has the option to limit max concurrent Subprocesses (64 by default)

Bug fixes

  • Agent-specific queues now handle Remote Subprocess replies to support HA Agents when using RabbitMQ message bus
  • Legacy Agent no longer fails to install a Process when a NuGet package with runtime-specific dependencies that are not stored in the OS-specific/lib folder
  • Fixed issue with unloading Process' Assembly Load context when using Tasks that use a Memory cache
  • Agent no longer reports an error if it does not receive a Service Bus message after a 10-minute wait


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