Frends Release: Breaking changes in 5.5

Service Bus for Windows, Remote Subprocesses, Support for Frends 4.2 Processes.

Erkka Honkavaara


Erkka Honkavaara

Head of Frends R&D

Breaking changes in 5.5

Service Bus for Windows

Support for Service Bus for Windows Server is removed, when updating to 5.5, switching to RabbitMQ for full on-premise deployments is mandatory. This also means that using the Service Bus Trigger no longer works with Service Bus for Windows Server.

Remote Subprocesses

Because of changes to the message busses used by Frends, Agent groups within an Environment should be reinstalled simultaneously. This is required when Remote Subprocesses are being used.

Support for Frends 4.2 Processes

Editing old Frends 4.2 style Processes is no longer being supported. If you have old 4.2 style Processes, you will need to convert them to the new format before updating to the latest version.

5.5.2 19th of April 2022

This service release contains the following changes/fixes:


  • UI can now show in-editor documentation for Process shapes (cloud tenants only)
  • Improvements to Parameter editor behavior: automatic XML end tag insertion, colorization, and variable reference IntelliSense fixes
  • Agent Group display name can no longer be an existing internal Agent Group name
  • Service bus partitioning can be disabled on a per-Environment basis
  • Bug: Fixed problem with building .NET 6 Processes for the first time due to missing Frends.ExecutableProcessHostInterfaces package
  • Bug: Monitor rule copy no longer clears the Triggered Processes field
  • Bug: Bypassing Global exception handler on Throw shape now works correctly from a Catch block
  • Bug: Comment shape attached to a catch shape no longer causes validation to fail
  • Bug: Long toast messages are now ellipsized
  • Security: Process deployments no longer include unnecessary sensitive Agent information


  • Cross-platform Agent Process packages now include the source code and debug symbol for the Process
  • Agent no longer logs unnecessary messages for closed HTTP connections
  • Bug: Cross-platform Agent installer for Windows no longer causes multiple Add/Remove programs entries


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