Release notes 5.5

Frends Version 5.5.0: new features and fixes. .NET 6, Rabbit Trigger, Monaco, Cross-platform, Code snippets

Erkka Honkavaara


Erkka Honkavaara

Head of Frends R&D

Breaking changes in 5.5

Support for Service Bus for Windows Server is removed; when updating to 5.5, switching to RabbitMQ for full on-premise deployments is mandatory. This also means that using the Service Bus Trigger no longer works with Service Bus for Windows Server.

Because of changes to the message busses used by Frends, Agent groups within an Environment should be reinstalled simultaneously. This is required when Remote Subprocesses are being used.

Editing old Frends 4.2 style Processes is no longer being supported. If you have old 4.2 style Processes, you will need to convert them to the new format before updating to the latest version.

Version 5.5.0

24th of February 2022

New feature: Cross-platform Agent updated to .NET 6.0

The cross-platform Agent has now been updated to run on .NET 6.0. This means Tasks can be built targeting the newest .NET 6.0, and Processes can be built to target it.

Security improvements: Increased security for Agent message bus access

Agents now have more strict security for RabbitMQ and Azure Service buses. This increases the separation between Environments but will require all Agent groups within an Environment to be updated simultaneously. Otherwise, Remote Subprocesses will no longer work.

New feature: Monaco Process parameter editor

Frends now uses the Monaco editor (the editor that powers Visual Studio Code) as the parameter editor. This allows us to provide better IntelliSense and other editor capabilities.

New feature: Code snippets

Code snippets allow you to store and share pieces of code/configuration between users. These snippets allow you to keep a library of frequently used snippets and easily add them with the new #snippet reference.

New feature: Installer for Cross-platform Agent on Windows

The Cross-platform Agent now has an installer for Windows, which can be downloaded the same way as the installer for the Legacy Windows Agent. The installer requires at least .NET Framework 4.7.1 (shipped with Windows Server 1709+), and the Agent itself requires .NET 6, which currently needs to be installed separately.

New feature: RabbitMQ Trigger

RabbitMQ is now natively supported as a Trigger, and it is the preferred Message Bus alongside Azure Service Bus. The native Trigger provides better support for RabbitMQ's functionality. It uses AMQP 0.9.1, the natively supported protocol for RabbitMQ, instead of 1.0 used by the Queue Trigger.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Process search query is now persisted when navigating away from the Process List page.
  • Process instance CSV download now supports downloading up to 10000 rows without selecting each row.
  • Execution counts can now be limited to the last day in addition to 7, 30, and all days.
  • Processes with only Manual Triggers are no longer shown in the Agent Triggers list.
  • The dashboard now correctly shows execution times in the browser's current time zone.
  • HTTP Trigger can now correctly return multipart responses, and it no longer discards the boundary attribute from the header.
  • Process execution duration is now updating in Live for currently executing instances when auto-refresh is enabled.
  • Communication between Frends components is now more strict to prevent incompatible messages from causing problems.

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