Softico and Frends iPaaS partnership: Aligning IT stack with the needs of business with integrations

"We are very proud to enter into a partnership with Frends iPaaS, which helps us to extend our integration capabilities even further", says Mikael Rinne, CEO at Softico.

Frends iPaaS and Softico entered into a partership to bring added value to Softico's portfolio of tools and custom-solutions by including low-code and platform approach to system integrations provided to customers.

Frends iPaaS will support integration projects by extending integration and delivery capabilities of Softico's custom-made integrations. With the help of the iPaaS approach, integration-platform-as-a-service, service management and software systems will be connected and integrated leaner and more agile. The adoption of new technogies into the existing systems and regulations for customers will happen faster and will result in cost-efficiency and long-term IT flexibility.

We are very proud to enter into a partnership with Frends iPaaS, which helps us to extend our integration capabilities even further. With Softico´s integration expertise and frends iPaaS, we can offer faster and leaner development along with entirely new innovations and services," shares Mikael Rinne, CEO at Softico.

Softico has +10 years of experience in building customised data and IT service managemement solutions. Together we believe that this partnerhip will expand the current service offering of integration projects and solutions, and together we will help the customers to develop and enjoy resilient and scalable intelligent external and internal business processes supported by system integration and automation.

At Frends we are very pleased to have Softico as our new partner. Softico’s experience in integration development and service management is valuable to the whole frends ecosystem and it enables us to serve our customers even better," says Miikka Aalto, Partner Manager at frends iPaaS.

About Softico:

Softico provides modern systems integration services and professional service management consultancy. The areas of expertise:

  • Custom Integrations & Software Solutions

Developing custom-coded integrations between various Service Management and other software systems.

  • Service Management

Helping businesses achieve excellence in Service Management using ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) best practices.

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About Frends:

Frends is a low-code integration-platform-as a-service on .Net stack. With us you can develop, manage and secure all your API integrations within one simple platform. Lean, low-code, and intuitive.

Frends iPaaS helps various IT and Software consultancies extend solutions offering and deliver extra value to customers through integrations. With frends you will be able to deliver high-quality integration and automation solutions on top of your IT services, and speed up API development.

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