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Frends offers native API management and API governance features to help organisations to digitalise their business and enable API economy.

Why API Management?

APIs are mandatory building blocks in any digital transformation journey. They are needed in the backbone of the new apps enabling digitalization. General public-facing APIs are also the way to enable new business and B2B communication. The management of these APIs - aka API management - is as essential as API development and hosting.

frends and API Management and API Governance Capabilities

With frends, you can design, publish, and manage API's using the API Management functionality. You can also seamlessly add API endpoints for your integration processes to orchestrate and define the back-end API logic. There is no need for a separate API Management application.

Making general-purpose interfaces often means doing mini-services. Mini services are small, self-contained, and fast-paced services that encapsulate a single business function. With frends, you build and publish them quickly with the built-in DevOps features. That's why frends is an all-in-one integration platform that takes care of API management, API execution, process automation (BPA), and more advanced integration needs, all the way to scheduled file transfers and conversions.

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What can the modern enterprise integration platform as a service - eiPaaS do?

A modern, state-of-the-art service integration platform frends can do the following in the area of API-management:

  • Implement and host the API-itself with low-code
  • Offer a facade for other APIs
  • Offer a facade for legacy business applications and buy more life-time to them
  • API Governance
  • API Lifecycle management
  • Support the latest Swagger and OpenAPI industry standards
  • Include built-in security measures
  • Include Identity and Access Management (IAM) or support 3rd party solutions (OAuth 2.0).
  • Offer API Gateways for load-balancing and public-endpoints

Securing API's

When building your business integrations with APIs, managing SaaS, or mobile / web applications, you need to take preventative measures to mitigate all potential risks. The risks and vulnerabilities can affect your systems from all fronts: your customer-facing and stakeholder-facing apps, as well as operations wide internal apps.

One way to avoid security breaches is to adopt an iPaaS platform with API Management features, including built-in security features. iPaaS solutions help you ensure the security of your most critical systems and bring high-level API visibility through monitoring. The monitoring aims to provide a top-down monitoring approach across multiple datasets and integration solutions or API's: You will get a comprehensive view of all your APIs, where they are used, and how they are performing.

frends provides built-in mechanisms to prevent the most commonly known vulnerabilities within the OWASP10 attack vector:

  • Broken Object Level Authorization
  • Broken User Authentication
  • Excessive Data Exposure
  • Lack of Resources & Rate Limiting
  • Broken Function Level Authorization
  • Mass Assignment
  • Security Misconfiguration
  • Injection
  • Improper Assets Management
  • Insufficient Logging & Monitoring

In addition to these, frends supports all the defacto identity management methods like OAUTH2.0.

API Lifecycle Management

The API Lifecycle Management or API governance provides an overall view and functionalities required during the existence of every API. Its aims for rapid creation of APIs, controlling and catalogizing them. API Lifecycle Management ensures that the powerful security level is enforced during the development and deployment of APIs.

It is also important to understand that APIs evolve. A public API cannot be just shut down and updated to next version - what happens to the 3rd party applications or business partner that rely on your specific API version? For this, we use graceful shutdown which enables several versions of API to be public, and as the last user moves to the new version of API, we can deactivate the old non-used version of the API. API lifecycle management is also an important aspect.

frends API Management features include fully low-code and automated API development, hosting, and monitoring. It has built-in test-automation, version control, and visually traceable audit for every change made during the development or production phase and enables procedures like graceful shutdown.


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