Frends File Transfer Migration Offer

Current Frends File Transfer –task only supports .NET Framework, where the end-of-life has been announced by Microsoft.


It’s soon time to say farewell to Cobalt, the “transfer-pump” of files, that will be replaced with a new solution. Cobalt has already served nine (9) years with ultimate robustness and easiness of file transfers which is an excellent lifespan for any IT -solution. Old Cobalt only supports .NET Framework, where Microsoft has announced the end-of-life.

.Net lifecycle

.NET and .NET Core release lifecycle (Source: Microsoft, .NET and .NET Core Support Policy)

But no worries, Frends already has new modules. So if you are using old Cobalt, this is something that concerns you. There’s no hurry to migrate, but a strong recommendation is to start utilizing the new way to do the same thing.

> SUMMER OFFER: 30€ / transfer until 31.7.2022 (normal T&M price after 31.7.2022)

Offer includes


Frends professionals will do the migration for you so that only production deployments and testing is left for you.

Summer Offer

Turnkey migration of existing Frends File Transfer tasks (Frends Cobalt) to a newer, more modern version. The work is around 30 minutes per transfer. You can do the migration yourself, but we can do the work for you in a cost-effective and stress-free way with this summer offer.

For example, Migration work can be done during June and July. Testing and Production deployment together with the customer in August and September.

The update is from Microsoft .NET 4.7 to .NET 6. Additionally the task will be split into two parts, download and upload, which grant better control, visibility and error handling capabilities.

After the migration all transfers are using the same and latest version. Before and after ftp migration

This is also a good check-point for your integration architecture - ask your key account manager or Frends sales for this migration offer. You can do this by pressing the "contact us" button below.


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